The CVA Commends the Government of Alberta for Ensuring Access to Nicotine Vapour Products
30 mars 2020
The CVA Commends the Government of Alberta for Ensuring Access to Nicotine Vapour Products

On behalf of the thousands of vapers in Alberta, The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) would like to express our gratitude to the Government of Alberta for ensuring adult-only specialty vape shops were included in the list of the essential services, thus allowing specialty vape shops to continue to operate under strict social distancing protocols. This Government’s leadership will prevent thousands of Albertans from being forced back to combustible tobacco, a product known to kill one in two users.

Vaping has been proven to be the most successful tool in the fight against combustible tobacco. Vape shop retailers and the related manufacturers and distributors provide products and services that support the health sector though the provision of low nicotine harm reduction products, and also serve to support mental health by satisfying the nicotine dependence of vapers, the vast majority of which are reformed smokers. The CVA commends the Government of Alberta for recognizing the importance of vape shops and implementing a sensible framework that will protect the community at large while ensuring that vapers are not forced to return to smoking. 

“We applaud the Government of Alberta for having found an appropriate means to care for the physical and mental health needs of vapers while ensuring the safety and protection of all individuals in their province. The vapers in this province will continue to have access to the low nicotine harm reduction products which are only available in adult access product vape shops, while strict social distancing protocols implemented will serve to protect the public and staff,” said Darryl Tempest, Executive Director of The Canadian Vaping Association. “The CVA has repeatedly voiced our concern over limiting access to harm reduction products. The decision to ensure vape shops continue to operate as an essential service will prevent thousands of vapers from returning to smoking, thus saving the lives of many Albertans,” continued Tempest.

The CVA is encouraged by well thought out policies regarding the accessibility of low nicotine vape products through adult-only access vape shops in Alberta. As other provinces work to develop regulations surrounding businesses that may remain open during the pandemic, it is our hope this example is followed throughout the country. Not only will the economic impact of allowing these small businesses to continue operations save many jobs during an economically tumultuous time, but the physical and mental health of the 1.1 million Canadian vapers depends on the continued access to these critical harm reduction products.

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