CVA Position on GMP Standards
September 12th 2019 8:00am
CVA Position on GMP Standards

September 12th, 2019 

The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) is Canada’s only national vaping advocacy organization, with membership consisting of retailers and manufacturers spanning the country. With the current environment in North America and the changes on the horizon globally, vapour industry regulation must ensure continued innovation, good manufacturing standards (GMP), and the achievement of meaningful, widespread, public health benefits through the promotion of a vigorous tobacco harm reduction program. 

Canadian E-liquid manufacturers have always been at the forefront of quality manufacturing, traceability and product consistency, all of which are paramount principles in creating safe vape products that are designed to improve public health. With these core principals in mind, our organization hosted the inaugural North American E-liquid Standards Summit, which was the industry’s first convention in North American that brought together manufacturing executives to discuss manufacturing standards and the development of aligned regulatory proposals for use across the continent. It is now more important than ever to push for manufacturing standards and standardization of manufacturing practices for the e-liquid industry. 

During the summit, held in June 2019, the CVA hosted GMP subject matter experts to develop a substantive set of GMP standards specifically geared to the industry, ranging from manufacturing processes, recall procedures and material handling, amongst various other topics. We have now completed an exhausting review of all the information and best practices shared throughout the summit. We will be releasing the resulting comprehensive set of GMP standards, guidelines and recommendations both to the North American e-liquid industry and to Health Canada for regulatory consideration. 

We at the CVA understand that we have a clear responsibility to our consumers and to all Canadians to ensure that vaping products are produced at a consistent level of quality and considerate of safety and harm reduction as the top priorities. We are proud to present these standards as part of our unwavering commitment to ensure that these life-saving products are available for adult Canadian smokers looking for a less harmful alternative to smoking and to address Canada’s leading form of preventable death – combustible tobacco-related disease. 


Darryl Tempest, Executive Director, CVA

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