Help Fund Advocacy With a CVA Membership

Become a CVA member, and you'll be contributing to ongoing advocacy, as well as gain access to cost saving benefits for your business.

Benefits & Incentives

Cut Costs

Enjoy savings on insurance tailored for your business.

Employee Wellness

Benefit from group health plans for your team.

Navigate Regulations

Receive expert guidance on industry compliance.

Review Assurance

We will ensure your website, labels, and social media meet all regulatory requirements.

Support in Compliance

Assistance in dealing with enforcement officers and regulatory bodies.

Expert Access

Connect with leading legal, government relations,and academic experts.

Stay Informed

Gain access to exclusive regulatory webinars and meetings.

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Why Join the Canadian Vaping Association as a Member

Your CVA membership helps fund advocacy for the betterment of the industry and your business. The CVA is the primary voice of the industry with the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. We fight for fair and reasonable regulation on your behalf. Ourcurrent initiatives include:

  • Protecting Flavours

    We fight against flavour bans for your business

  • Save On Taxes

    Preventing double taxation by keeping the provinces out of the federal excise framework.

  • Boost Your Sales

    Advocating for stricter enforcement against illicit products and making the market an even playing field.

  • Advocate Change

    Government outreach to remove unnecessary regulatory restrictions and recommend positive policies that help the industry.